*Nothing personal*, a film by Urszula Antoniak

Let me just say that I really like this film. I’d stress its capacity to depict contact and communication precisely where it appears to be the more absent. Such an absence being perceived by the characters themselves who don’t expect contact to be at all possible, and also by the spectators who, by being an abstraction, are assumed to project a stereotype view upon the landscape and the character’s reactions and behavior.

Anne makes a point of infringing the principles of courtesy and being rude in her answers, as if she were thereby confirming her own autonomy. ‘Mind your business’ is her continuous reply and, nevertheless, the need of a reply unveils a confusion in such an injunction. It’s unclear what the boundaries of each one’s business might be or, more precisely, it seems that Anne, no matter how much she struggles to keep a distance, gets engaged with other people and this engagement can hardly be perceived as someone else’s business, but as her own. Hence, if part of Anne’s business is someone else’s life and condition, then the latter could hardly reject her engagement by just claiming ‘Mind your business’. The point is whether one could have any business at all if other people were essentially involved within at least some of one’s own projects or, in other words, whether the life that should follow could be recognized as still human.

Details about the movie to be found in http://www.nothingpersonalthemovie.com/media.html

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