Research Interests

Relativism and Critical Theory (1981), Mental Causation (1987-2000), Connectionism vs. Classical Models in Artificial Intelligence (1987-1995), Moral Realism and Moral Motivation (1995-now), Moral Luck and Conflict of Values (1995-now), Moral Emotions and Moral theory (1995-now), First-Person Authority and Self-Knowledge as an Achievement (2000-now), the Role of Literature in Philosophical Reflection (2000-now).

Work in Progress

Josep E. Corbí is, at the moment, working on different aspects of the relation between a scientific world-view, moral experiences, and our identity as agents. This is why I am interested metaethical issues such as moral realism, moral motivation, and the concept of integrity. I am also doing some research the nature of practical deliberation and aspect perception, as well as on the different roles that emotions such as guilt or shame may play in our moral lives. On these subject matters, I find particularly stimulating the work of Jean Améry, Isaiah Berlin, Richard Moran, Elaine Scarry, Barry Stroud, Gabriele Taylor, Bernard Williams, Richard Wollheim, Simone Weil, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. For more details, see forthcoming publications.

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